Our 2019 McCandless Town Council Candidates

Kimberley Zachary - Ward 1


 “Continuing to deliver on promises for:

-Greater quality of life
-Fiscal responsibility
-Governmental transparency

Re-elect a Proven Leader”

Facebook: KimberlyZachery@McCandlesscouncil

Email: Expectmore4u@comcast.net

Phone: 412-600-6415

Deawna Alfonsi -Ward 3


The Healthy Balance

- Balanced Budget

- Balanced Development

- Balanced Representation

"Where all voice are heard"

Connect with Deawna

Website: www.AlfonsiForMcCandless.com

FaceBook: Alfonsi_For_McCandless

Email: AlfonsiForMcCandless@gmail.com

Angela Woods - Ward 5


A Candidate Who is Committed To:

  • Communication with Residents
  • Responsible Development
  • Non-Partisan Representation

Engage.  Serve.  Improve.

Connect with Angela:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @woods4ward5

Patricia “Trish” Cloonan - Ward 7

More to come

Our 2019 North Allegheny School Board Candidates

Chris Disque

More  to  come

Kevin Mahler

More t o come

Elizabeth Warner

Elizabeth Warner is a mom of four and a Carnegie Mellon engineering graduate.   

She has attended over 130 school board meetings in the last six and a half years.  She is a committed North Allegheny volunteer who has served on many district-wide advisory committees and on her PTA’s executive board as President, Vice President, and Treasurer.  She’s seen the difference her work has made at her kids’ schools and is ready to make a bigger impact district-wide.

Our 2019 County Council Candidates

Christine Allen - District 2

Bethany Hallam - At-Large

More  to  come